FollowUp Secretary

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With minimal client data--name, company, meeting date and email-the...

With minimal client data--name, company, meeting date and email-the program automatically generates up to five dates for follow up emails. All dates automatically avoid weekends and holidays.

When a client is selected, the dates are color coded to indicate approaching dates, overdue emails and completed emails. The dates for the five follow up emails are selectable.

Five template letters are used to generate the emails and are stored in simple text format for easy editing. A carbon copy address can also be included and is attached to all emails.

The client data is stored in an Microsoft Access file for convenient use by other programs. All of the data is stored in one folder for easy backup.

The greeting and closing for all letters is also selectable. After selection, an email is generated from the template body, the greeting and the closing.

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FollowUp Secretary


FollowUp Secretary 12172006dl

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